Wai Lana’s “Oh, My Sweet Lord” – Krishna Janmashtami Gift


“Oh My Sweet Lord”, the latest song from internationally acclaimed yogi Wai Lana, has been released for Janmashtami.

Wai Lana describes it as her most favorite song so far, as she continues to work on her album, “Alive Forever”.

“This song is very heartfelt and special to me,” Wai Lana says. “I’m hoping it will inspire individuals to cultivate their personal relationship with our Sweet Lord.”

As she explains, the ancient yoga text Bhagavad Gita states that our Sweet Lord is the source of everyone and everything, residing in everyone’s heart.

Wai Lana says, “There is a saying in yoga scripture: If you take one step towards our Sweet Lord, He will take a thousand steps towards you. It’s my hope that the new song will inspire you to take that one step.”

Thousands of viewers were inspired by Wai Lana’s previous two music video projects, “Namaste” and “Alive Forever”, motivating Wai Lana to create more.

“When I read the feedback we’ve gotten, I’m so moved by how thankful people are to receive the wisdom of yoga.”

“It is only natural that we will experience unhappiness if we try to live our lives separate from our Sweet Lord,” she says. “This song is my humble attempt to inspire all of us to go within to awaken that eternally blissful relationship with our Sweet Lord.”

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August 14, 2017 |
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